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The terrorist who perpetrated the murderous attack in north Jerusalem today, Masbah Abu Safiah, killing two people was supposed to have started a jail sentence today.

In January 2015 he was indicted for crimes of incitement through social media.

According to the indictment the terrorist, a 39-year-old resident of Silwan wrote on Facebook among other things:

"Your festival is the force of victory and an opportunity to us. 19 of your soldiers were killed. Oh child murderer, cowardly despicable soldiers the heroes of Alkassam have dragged your heads in the mud. Alkassam and soldiers of the resistance, Allah Aqbar and praises to god.

"The soldier who was hurt by fireworks lost his hearing and suffered burns on his neck, ha ha ha...beware of fireworks as they are dangerous. To your children we wish health while to the enemy we wish humiliation, deafness, burns and blindness."

The indictment cited 15 offenses of incitement to violence and 7 offenses of supporting a terror organization.

Channel 10 reported that the terrorist who held a blue (Israeli) ID card had been sentenced to 4 months in jail which he was supposed to start today, but instead of arriving to serve his sentence he went on a murderous spree.

In July the terrorist had also been issued a restraining order from entering Temple Mount.