Widow and children of slain rabbi
Widow and children of slain rabbi Police Spokesperson

The unveiling ceremony of the memorial plaque for Rabbi Nechemia Levy, father of seven, and Aaron Bennet took place this afternoon at the site where they were murdered by an Arab terrorist one year ago, with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat in attendance.

Attorney Yechezkel Levy, the father of Rabbi Nechemia Levy, spoke about his mixed feelings of grief and pride at the ceremony in an interview with Arutz Sheva. "Today we put up the plaque where our son Rabbi Nechemia was murdered. He heroically tried to save the lives of others, but paid for it with his own life. Aaron Bennet, who was murdered as he was walking with his wife from the Kotel, [is also memorialized here.] He also tried to protect others."

"His wife was also wounded but survived, probably thanks to Nechemia's intervention. Their child was also wounded, but not as badly."

According to Levy, setting the memorial plaque at the location of the murders sends a message that Israel will not be intimidated by terrorist attacks. "In this place, where the earth is stained with the blood of two holy souls, it is doubly important that the memorial plaque be put up, so the whole world will know" of their lives and deaths."

Nechemia Hy"d was at the window of his home in the Old City and saw the terrorist stabbing Bennet and his wife. He rushed to their aid but could not fire his weapon for fear of injuring the couple at such close range. The terrorist, meanwhile, quickly turned on him and stabbed him to death.

Bennet's wife, with a knife sticking out of her body, ran to nearby Arab storekeepers with her baby to ask for help. But rather than assist her, they mocked her and wished her dead.