Arab rioters on Temple Mount
Arab rioters on Temple Mount צילום: Muammar Awad/Flash90

In a joint initiative of the GSS (General Security Service) and Israeli police, three different Islamic institutions in various parts of Israel were closed down Thursday. "Qpress", the "Supreme Council for Supporting Jerusalem and Al-Aksa" and the "Kudurath" projects in Nazareth and Umm El-Fahm. Not only were the activities of the groups' leaders limited, but their bank accounts, containing hundreds of thousands of shekels, were frozen. All the institutions belong to the islamic Movement

According to a police statement, Qpress and the Supreme Council initiated activities causing tension on Temple Mount in Jerusalem and deliberately provoked disturbances which developed at the holy site on a regular basis. They undermined the security of visitors to the site and harmed Israeli sovereignty there. In recent days they have called for an increased Muslim presence on the Temple Mount in order to create disorders and clashes with security forces.

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