Ohad Cohen Nov
Ohad Cohen NovIDF Spokesperson's Unit

An Israel Air Force pilot was killed during a crash landing of an F-16 fighter jet in southern Israel on Wednesday evening. The aircraft's navigator ejected from the plane and escaped without injury.

The jet, which was landing at Ramon air force base in the Negev, caught fire when returning from operational activity in the Gaza strip.

The pilot was identified as Major Ohad Cohen Nov, a 34 year old deputy flight commander who lived at the Ramon air force base.

The IAF conducted multiple air strikes today on the Gaza Strip, after a rocket was fired on the Israeli town of Sderot. No casualties were reported on either side, with Israel aiming its attacks on infrastructure that is crucial to Hamas. A later report by Hamas security forces said that Israeli tank fire struck a post run by its military wing, the Qassam Brigades, east of Beit Hanoun and near the border with Israel, causing one injury

This was the first time a rocket had struck downtown Sderot since the 2014 Protective Edge campaign. In August a rocket hit a suburb of Sderot and Israel responded with a large number of retaliatory attacks.

A Salafist terrorist group claimed responsibility for the launching, but Israel sees Hamas as responsible for preventing rocket attacks.