Navy boats
Navy boatsפלאש 90

The Israeli Navy began Wednesday to prepare its takeover of the women's flotilla which is attempting to break what it terms the "siege" of Gaza.

The defense establishment tried first to mediate with organizers of the flotilla and explained to them that their ship would not be allowed to reach the Gaza coast, but they chose to continue with their plans.

In the meantime, the first steps towards gaining control of the ship have been taken already by the navy, including disrupting communications on the ship.

According to reports from organizers of the flotilla, the navy has begun to "besiege" the ship with its own ships, but this report was not confirmed by IDF spokesmen.

The Al-Jazeera news service reported that no physical steps have been taken yet beyond warning the ship to return to its port but it maintained that such steps were likely to be taken in the near future.