Shlomo Rindenow
Shlomo Rindenow Courtesy of the family

The IDF has presented its conclusions in the investigation into the explosion of a grenade in the Hermon checkpoint two months ago in which two IDF soldiers, Shlomo Rindenow and Husam Tafash, were killed.

The investigation revealed that the grenade exploded after Tafash, the driver of an army vehicle, played with it and not as a result of a fight which had broken out between the two soldiers as had originally been claimed.

The commander of the 601 IDF Corps of Engineers in which the soldiers had served, Lt. Col. Ziv Nimni, received a reprimand from the chief of staff. Moreover, the company commander was suspended from positions of command for the next three years.

The platoon commander was also reprimanded for leaving the grenade in the jeep and not in the ammunition bunker as required by regulations. Chief of Staff Eizenkot ordered IDF officers to inform all IDF soldiers about the conclusions reached in the investigation over the next two weeks.

The serious incident occurred during the morning hours at the entrance to outpost 81 near the lower entrance to the Hermon Mountain. The driver of the patrol, Husam Tafash, played with the pin of the grenade which exploded, killing two soldiers and wounding three more - the commander of the patrol, who was severely wounded,and two more soldiers sitting in the back of the vehicle who were lightly injured.

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