Nissan Slomiansky
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MK Nissan Slomiansky, in an interview with Arutz Sheva, warns of the detrimental effects of destroying the Samarian town of Amona.

Ahead of his visit tomorrow in Amona and Ofra, Slomiansky says “I hope that the problem of Amona that has already been ruled upon by the court will be able to be solved through compensated resettlement," which would allow Amona residents to relocate to a new neighborhood on land that has undetermined ownership.

"They made a huge mistake when they invited Arabs to testify there," he said, "and each Arab said he had ownership of each plot of land, obviously they were speaking in the air."

“I hope that the Attorney General will decide that whoever doesn’t prove empirically that he owns that land will not be taken seriously,” he added.

He explained that the Supreme Court has become a product of left-wing organizations and said that “what the left hasn’t succeeded at democratically, it is trying to do through the Supreme Court. In all of Israel, disputes over land ownership never make it to the Supreme Court, it goes to other courts but here everything is backwards, it was a mistake made by one of the Supreme Court judges that opened it up to a left-wing organization and now left-wing organizations always appeal to the Supreme Court.”

“Every claim over land ownership, even when it comes without proof, end with the expulsion of Jews. The only way to solve this is through the creation of a law that will normalize the status of the 'settlements' through the Edmund Levy report,” he said, referring to a report that recommends the legalization of unauthorized Jewish 'settlement' outposts by the state.

"Like in every part of this country," he continued, "when the government destroys a house it must provide monetary compensation or alternate land so doesn’t this happen in Judea and Samaria? And there the situation is far easier because in most the cases there are no actual land owners who will claim ownership upon the alternate land.”

MK Slomiansky warns of the domino effect that could come from Amona’s destruction saying that, “The Prime Minister cannot evade responsibility, even members of his party signed the bill to normalize the status of 'settlements'. It’s time for the Prime Minister to decide that he is right-wing and a member of the Likud, because if these houses fall, everything will fall and he won’t remain prime minister for long.”

“We have to stop this and there are ways,” Slomianksy emphasized, “we just have to pressure the Prime Minister to do so.”