Arutz Sheva met former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor at the Israeli American Council (IAC) - National Israeli-American Conference 2016.

Prosor: "If we're talking about the Israeli-American relationship, let me make it absolutely clear: There is no better partner to the state of Israel than the United States of America and the American people. This is because, in contrast with other countries, the relationship is built not only on joint interests but on joint values. We should be going forward to enhance this relationship."

Arutz Sheva: So what do you say to all the people who point to all the tensions that have existed between the countries over the past several years?

Prosor: "Tensions are in the family. Israel has its own national security interests. We can agree to disagree inside the family. In my point of view, the US is a major player, we need the United States of America in the Middle East. In Israel, we salute the Americans for everything they are doing for Israel and the people of Israel."