Trump and Netanyahu at their meeting
Trump and Netanyahu at their meeting Photo: Kobi Gidon/GPO

After meeting both candidates for the presidency and hours before his return to Israel from the US, Netanyahu tweeted this afternoon(Monday) that he's "more convinced than ever" that Israel-US bond will remain strong after the elections.

This is the first significant reference by Netanyahu to the meetings after his bureau had released laconic announcements about the meetings, describing who took part in them, how long they had lasted and what general topics had been discussed.

The campaigns of Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton had referred extensively to the content of the meetings and in particular to the declarations of the candidates in support of Israel.

The Clinton campaign headquarters stated that at the meeting with Netanyahu "Clinton stressed her opposition to an attempt to force a solution to the Palestinian- Israeli dispute via foreign channels and especially via the UN security council."

Moreover, Clinton promised "to work together with Israel in order to implement the nuclear agreement with Iran" and emphasized her "uncompromising commitment to US-Israel relations" as well as her intention to increase these relations a step further.

The Trump campaign issued a statement that Trump had spoken with Netanyahu about America's military assistance to Israel and about the fact that Israel maintains stability in the Middle East. According to the statement, Trump stressed to Netanyahu that if he won the election the military cooperation between Israel and America would continue to increase.

Trump added two more significant statements. He said to Netanyahu that he recognizes the fact that "Israel and its citizens have suffered for a long time from Islamic terror. It is clear that Israel wants a just and lasting peace with their neighbors but it will only materialize when Palestinians renounce hatred and violence and accept Israel as a Jewish state."

Trump added regarding Jerusalem that "Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people for 3000 years already. America under my administration will implement Congress's resolution and recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel."

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