Terror attack in Pisgat Ze'ev
Terror attack in Pisgat Ze'ev Muammar Awad/Flash90

State prosecutors have requested that a teenage terrorist who savagely stabbed a 13-year old Jewish boy in Pisgat Ze’ev last October should serve at least 12 years behind bars.

The terrorist, himself 13-years old, had been, because of his age, confined outside of prison since being released from the hospital.

During the attack last October, the terrorist and his cousin, residents of Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, ran amok in the neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev stabbing a 25-year old man and a 13-year old boy riding his bicycle.

While the terrorist’s older cousin was killed by police, the 13-year old attacker was struck by a car and injured.

The attacker was convicted this May of two counts of attempted murder, as well as possession of a deadly weapon.

On Sunday the first hearing was held regarding sentencing in the case. The state has asked that the terrorist be given at least 12 years behind bars, and that he serve them in a youth prison, rather than in the closed housing facility he has been held in since his release from the hospital.