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The director of the Magen David Adom emergency services organization took to the witness stand Sunday in defense of the soldier Elor Azariטa who is on trial for the murder of a wounded terrorist in Hevon.

"We don't approach a wounded person if there is a possibility that [he is carrying] and explosive device," said MDA chief Eli Bin.

At the beginning of the testimony, the defense submitted an incident report filed by MDA according to Bin’s instructions. The report was written in response to claims that arose after the incident.

Bin added that some of the reports about what occurred at the incident didn’t match the report that MDA staff submitted. The staff were on the scene and working in the area. the report was intended as a way to learn from the incident and improve MDA protocol for future emergencies.

The prosecutor opposed the legitimacy of Bin’s testimony due to the fact that he wasn't on the scene of the incident and didn’t participate in the work around the incident but, ultimately, he agreed to allow it.

In the remainder of his testimony, Bin noted that until the incident in Hevron, the protocol was clear and that emergency personnel would not approach the wounded person if there was potential danger that the wounded person was carrying an explosive device. Bin noted that, according to MDA protocol, there is no way to know if a terrorist armed with a knife is capable of operating an explosive device.

Bin added that, in light of the incident in Hevron, MDA professionals and IDF commanders are meeting to discuss the amendment of certain emergency protocol. One of the conclusions from these meetings is that soldiers should verify if the wounded terrorist is a threat before MDA professionals administer treatment.

The director of MDA was asked about MDA volunteer Ofer Ohana, a resident of Hevron and Bin verified that Ohana was not reprimanded for his part in the incident. Bin emphasized that Ohana treated many wounded terrorists in the past, including on the Friday before the incident and verified that Ohana is a volunteer “who has saved many lives.”

Bin is confident that MDA professionals acted correctly and professionally in the field during the incident.