Police line (illustration)
Police line (illustration) iStock

Eight people, including a three-year-old, were shot in east Baltimore on Saturday night, local police said, according to CBS News.

None of the victims are suffering life-threatening injuries, a Baltimore police spokesman tweeted.

The shooting occurred around 9:00 p.m. (local time) at Greenmount Avenue and East Preston Street, near Greenmount Cemetery, according to the report.

At the scene, police had at least three blocks cordoned off and were keeping away bystanders and reporters, reported ABC News.

Police said three suspects in the shooting all fled the scene on foot.

One is reported to have used a shotgun, two with handguns. No suspects have been identified or apprehended.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said investigators believe the shooting is an act of retaliation to a Labor Day weekend triple shooting that left two women injured and a man dead.

Quoted by WBAL-TV, Davis said one of the shooters came from an alley and two others came from up the street, shooting at a group of people.

"That's premeditated. Those are the the people who not only need to be in jail but underneath the jail, and we need to do the best we can to identify them," he added.

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