Satmar Rebbe (file)
Satmar Rebbe (file)Yaakov Neumi/Flash90

Members of the Satmar sect were called upon to protest outside UN Headquarters during Netanyahu’s address at the General Assembly.

The Satmar Sect, an ultra-orthodox religious sect, has been called upon to protest the recent draft-law for Haredis in Israel. Despite the amendment made to the law in November of 2015, extremist members of the Satmar community still see a need to protest.

The November 2015 amendment updated a 2014 law which would have enforced the nationwide mandatory draft for the haredi population, but extended a grace period to eight years and allows for exemptions for the haredi community at large after that time.

Under the previous government, the IDF draft - which is mandatory for all Israelis over the age of 18, except for Arab and haredi citizens who generally do not serve - was introduced to the haredi population in a series of stages. The current stage: a "trial" period meant to increase the haredi draft by degrees.

The Satmar community is fundraising for a provocative overseas campaign to protest the law.

The Union of Orthodox Rabbis, an organization that is associated with the Satmar Sect, put out a call encouraging Satmar members to protest the decree to draft and says that the draft-law is against the Torah. The call refers to Netanyahu as “head of the infidels” and calls upon the public to protest while he is delivering his speech.

“We will speak in the name of Torah and in the name of all of Israel,” the call reads.