Rock throwing in Jerusalem. Illustrative.
Rock throwing in Jerusalem. Illustrative.Flash 90

Samaria community leader Moshe Zar participated in an organized tour of the Shomron National Park-Sebastia, on Tuesday, and told Arutz Sheva that both on the way there and back Arab children attacked the bus with rocks, while IDF forces stationed in the area didn't respond at all.

"We arrived at the beautiful park at ten p.m. for a tour with an IDF escort. We went through the village of Sebastia [an Arab village]. The village's roads were lit, the stores were open, it was really a feast for the eyes," Zar described.

"The moment we arrived at the park area, rocks started being thrown at our armored bus. When we arrived at Sebastia I asked the solders 'why aren't you reacting?' to which they said 'it's only children.' I felt humiliated, if I knew it would be this way I wouldn't have participated.

Zar further recounts that a similar situation occurred on the way back from the tour. "When we finished the tour at around 11:30 at night we returned to the bus, and once again there was a hail of stones on the windows. Just pelting us. I felt embarrassed and humiliated. Have we gone mad? They throw rocks at us with impunity, the IDF doesn't respond."

According to Zar, such incidents of rock-throwing are always organized by village leadership, and they must be made to pay a price. "To say that it's just kids is a lie. Do kids stand around and throw rocks at 11:30 at night without the knowledge of the village leadership? They're all in it together under the instructions of the parents and adults."

Zar proposes that significant penalties be imposed in order to stop the rock-throwing. "We don't need to shoot anyone or demolish houses. They get water and electricity from us for free. We need to tell them: 'Listen, people of the village of Sebastia, starting Sunday, every rock that is thrown will mean a day without electricity from our electric company. You'll live in the dark. One stone, one day; two stones, two days; a hundred stones, a hundred days of darkness.;"

"If power outages don't work we can move on to water. I'm telling you I won't go to Sebastia or Joseph's tomb [in nearby Shchem] until there is an adequate response to the rock-throwing. Is this how we run the country?! Sending out soldiers with orders to do nothing and prosecuting whoever does dare to do anything?"