Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife Chava
Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife ChavaCourtesy of the family

The home in which Mohammed Fakieh, the terrorist who killed Rabbi Michael Mark, dwelled, will not be demolished as it was a rental property where Fakieh lived with his wife. Mohammed Fakieh was killed by security forces.

Shai Glick of the radical leftist NGO “B’Tselem”, which tracks the demolitions of terrorist’s houses and attempts to prevent them, told Arutz Sheva that “we understood that something was delaying the demolition of Fakieh’s house and now we know what that is.”

“There is no doubt that this is the right decision as the house is a rental and not owned by the terrorist himself,” Glick said. Glick emphasized that since Minister Liberman began as the minister of defense, it looks as though the process of house demolition is speeding up.

The Ministry of Defense put out a statement saying that “The IDF will continue to use all available methods to deter acts of terror including the destruction of houses in accordance with the law. The terrorists himself was killed in a fire exchange with security forces,” the statement said, explaining that the law has declared him guilty of the crime of murder.