Nurit Koren with residents of Netiv Ha'avot
Nurit Koren with residents of Netiv Ha'avot Hezki Baruch

MK Nurit Koren (Likud) who is a member of the Judicial Selection Committee, sharply attacked the Supreme Court and emphasized that future appointments would differ from what was the norm until now.

During the course of a visit Monday to the Netiv Ha'avot neighborhood in the Gush Etzion community of Elazar together with members of the Land of Israel Caucus in the Knesset and Likud activists, Koren referred to the High Court ruling calling for the houses to be demolished because a small strip of land between them may be private property.

She declared, "One thing I can promise - five positions need to be filled in the court and I hope that we can innovate and bring people who maintain our outlook. At least then the rulings will be more just. We will do all in our power to arrange the legalization of these houses."

She told residents: "I am a member of the Judicial Selection Committee and I am also a lawyer. I sit with Naor, Rubinstein and Joubran (High Court justices). These are the people who are my friends on the committee and believe me, I say to them: 'How could you have reached such a ruling? It is preposterous.' I would like them to come here and if that doesn't happen, we should ensure that judges be required to come down to disputed land before they adjudicate on it."

She repeated that the next appointments to the High Court will not resemble earlier ones. "In the coming year we are changing five positions in the High Court. One Arab has to be elected and I'm told that one must be Sephardic. I said, 'Forget about the one Sephardic judge, I want people with our outlook.' Until now they appointed people with their outlook, now they will be from our camp. I heard that (Supreme Court Justice) Chayut sat on this (Netiv Ha'avot) ruling, when I even hear her name I am worried."

Koren added that "I am not populistic. My laws are genuine and if there's something that has to be fought to the end like the Yemenite children issue - I will fight to the end."