Minutes before the conference organized by the "Hovevei Zion" organization headed by Dr. Joseph Frager and produced by Arutz Sheva, Dr. Frager addressed some questions to Justice Minister Shaked and former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton.

Dr. Frager asked the Justice Minister what can be done to make the American public understand once and for all that Judea and Samaria are an inseparable part of Israel.

Shaked: "We in the Jewish Home party talk all the time about how Judea and Samaria are our homeland and they are part of Israel, so we are there to stay. Today there are 425,000 citizens in Judea and Samaria, the area is flourishing. I think the people of America just need to listen more to the ministers and MKs from Jewish Home."

Turning to John Bolton, Dr. Frager remarked that if Minister Shaked visited the US more often, maybe Judea and Samaria would be secure, Bolton replied:

"I think people in America need to understand that the 2-state solution has failed and that continuing to pursue it won't do anything to bring stability to anywhere in the region as it falls into chaos. This discussion is important to help people here understand what the consequences can be.

Dr. Frager: So what would you do in the first ten days if you became Secretary of State?

Bolton: "I've said before that we need a cultural revolution at the State Department. It's not a matter of one year or four years. There need to be a number of sweeping changes and I think the new administration ought to make that a priority."

Mr. Eugen Gluck, referred to by Frager as "Mr. Bet El" because of his support for the Samarian town which is home to Arutz Sheva headquarters, expressed his joy at Minister Shaked's visit.

"We are very happy to hear what you said," he told Shaked, "and we know it will take time, but we need to expedite it as best as we can because it's really needed, and the situation is going not in the right direction. Your attitude and your commitment, what you're going to try to do, is tremendously commendable, and we're looking forward to it. And she [referring to Shaked], being as young as she is, and committed as she is, she's going to do a lot of things."