The Jerusalem Police released a statement describing the stabbing attack near Herod's Gate that occurred Monday morning, together with security footage showing the attack.

The female police officer wounded during the attack underwent surgery over the past few hours and has been transferred to the ICU, sedated and intubated.

"The investigation has so far revealed that the terrorist, B. M., a resident of East Jerusalem in his 20s, arrived at the Damascus Gate area in the morning hours armed with a knife that he had apparently hidden in his clothing," the police statement reads.

"At near 7:30 a.m., he spotted 2 police officers, male and female, walking towards Herod's Gate, advanced on them quickly, drew the knife, and stabbed both officers in their upper body.

"Despite his wounds, the officer managed to fight the terrorist off, take a step back, load his weapon, and shoot the terrorist, neutralizing him. The officers were wounded moderately to seriously and the terrorist was seriously wounded.

"The actions of the police officer, taken despite his serious wounds, showed determination, bravery, and perseverance, and prevented further harm to security personnel and other innocent people.

"The Israel Police continues to operate with additional forces deployed throughout the city of Jerusalem. The operational high alert will continue until and through the upcoming holidays, in order to ensure the safety of resident and visitors in the city," the statement concluded.