Terror attack in Kiryat Arba
Terror attack in Kiryat Arba Zaka

The Palestinian Authority (PA) responded to the two attempted terror attacks that were carried out today (Friday) in Jerusalem and Kiryat Arba. Both terrorists were neutralized by security forces.

In their official response, the PA criticized the "crimes that were committed by the 'occupying forces' and the 'slaughter' of the two residents of Jerusalem and Hevron."

Abu Rodeina, spokesperson for the PA, said, "These crimes, and the killing of martyrs, emphasizes that the government of Israel is attempting to escalate the situation, and is ignoring political and diplomatic attempts [to make peace, while]....these killings of martyrs are the Israeli government's response to international efforts."

He emphasized that "despite the Israeli crimes, the 'Palestinian' nation will continue to work forcefully toward receiving its indisputable rights, in the forefront of which are the right to declare [our]selves [a nation], and to create an independent and sovereign country whose capital is in the city of Jerusalem."

Abu Rodeina called upon the international community to intervene urgently in order to stop the "martyr killings," and to provide protection to the, "Palestinian nation."

While Israel has been willing to negotiate for several years, the PA refuses to meet with Prime Minister BInyamin Netanyahu unless several preconditions are met. It should be noted that the PA continuously incites and encourages savage terror attacks on innocent civilians.

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