Arab rock throwing terrorists
Arab rock throwing terroristsIssam RImawi/Flash 90

Channel 10 has published the intense phone conversation between police and the female soldiers who mistakenly drove into Tulkarem, a city in Area A of Judea and Samaria that is off limits to Israelis.

The soldiers were attacked with rocks and narrowly avoided lynching.

Soldier: “Please, I need you, I went into an Arab village...they’re throwing rocks at me. You have to come save me from here."

Police from the other side of the line, hearing the sounds of a barrage of rocks, try to verify the soldiers’ location.

Police: Hi, where are you right now?

Soldier: Oh my...they’re coming after me, please, I’m begging you.

P: Where are you?

S: I don’t know!

P: Where did you come from, and where do you need to get to right now?

S:I was in the Jordan Valley, and I don’t know where I am. They’re blocking me, throwing stones at the car.

P: First of all, keep driving. Don’t stand still[...]

S: But listen...the Arabs are coming after me, they broke the windshield, we don’t have a weapon. We’re just two girls.

P: Is somebody injured?

S: No, just the windshield, but you have to come and save us.

P: Do you see some kind of sign naming a community?

S: No, not in Hebrew...I had no reception until now...there are forests…

P: How?

S: There are forests. Oh my…

P: Keep driving.

Police try to get the soldiers to send their location on Whatsapp, but there is no reception. [...]

Soldier: They’re throwing rocks at us!

Police (turning to someone): They’re throwing rocks at them, they’re throwing rocks at them, she doesn’t know where they are.

Police: Hello, Shelly?

Soldier: What?

P: Are they still throwing rocks?

S: Yes!

In cooperation with police and in conjunction with the civil administration, the soldiers were extricated by Palestinian Authority police. The IDF is continuing to investigate how two unarmed female soldiers in an unarmored private vehicle managed to find themselves in a hostile area under attack.