Givat Ze'ev
Givat Ze'ev צילום: פלאש 90

The Jerusalem District Attorney's office presented an indictment today (Thursday) in the local district court against a 33-year old Jerusalem resident charged with attempted murder in a Givat Ze'ev synagogue last week.

According to the indictment the accused, who is a schizophrenic, came to the synagogue and decided to kill a person who he believed was a Christian whom he was supposed to kill.

He began shouting at one of the congregants and picked up a chair intending to throw it at him. Afterwards he attacked the congregant viciously and began hitting him and kicking him as well as punching him on his head, face, chest and back in an attempt to kill him. The congregant fell to the ground.

After about half an hour a neighbor came after hearing the shouting, and notified police.

The neighbor succeeded in overpowering the accused together with other people and they evacuated the congregant from the synagogue until police arrived .

As a result of the attack the victim suffered facial fracture, broken ribs and bleeding from his ears and he required medical treatment as well as hospitalization.

The prosecution requested that the accused be remanded in custody until the end of legal proceedings.