Rabbi Berland in hearing
Rabbi Berland in hearingFlash90

The Rabbi’s attorney appealed to the Supreme Court to have the Rabbi released from prison due to Rabbi’s worsening medical condition.

Rabbi Berland is a well-known Breslov Rabbi who headed the Shuvu Banim Yeshiva in Jerusalem's Old City. He has long been suspected of serious sexual offenses, and after a long period of fleeing the law, he was extradited to Israel.

The attorney who represents Rabbi Berland claimed that the Rabbi’s health has deteriorated and that he must be released.

Judge Yoram Danziger clarified that he isn’t convinced enough by the medical documents presented to him.

The judge stated that, in contrast to what Berland’s attorney claims, there is no evidence that the Rabbi cannot receive adequate medical attention in prison.

In his decision, he added that “without belittling the Rabbi’s medical condition or welfare, I am convinced that he will continue to serve his prison sentence and that his medical well-being will be properly cared for in the future if needed.”