The extermination tragedy. Archive
The extermination tragedy. Archive Flash 90

Yossi Barkan, the insect exterminator whose negligence caused the death of two daughters of the Gross family in Jerusalem two and a half years ago, will stand trial for manslaughter charges.

According to a report last night on Channel 2 News, State Attorney Shai Nitzan decided to prosecute following an in-depth investigation of the extent of the negligence involved in the tragic incident.

Barkan will also be charged with causing serious physical harm to the other two children who were poisoned but survived.

Avigail and Yael Gross died as a result of an insect extermination that occurred in their home two and a half years ago. The sisters were hurried to the hospital in critical condition after ingesting the poisonous pesticides, and died some hours later.

Their two brothers Yitzchak and Michael were hospitalized in serious condition in the Schneider Children's hospital. During the first few days of their hospitalization, their lives were in grave danger, but the brothers regained consciousness after a few days. Some weeks later the made a complete recovery and were sent home.