Israeli-Syrian border
Israeli-Syrian borderPhoto: Basal Eiyadat/Flash 90

Three mortar shells fired form Syrian territory exploded in the Golan Heights this afternoon (Tuesday).

The shells are most probably the result of unintentional "leakage" of fire from the still ongoing Syrian civil war.

Route 98 in the Golan has been closed for traffic as a result of the mortar explosions.

Last night, the Air Force attacked artillery positions belonging to the Syrian regime located in the central Golan Heights on the Syrian side, in response to the repeated leakage of mortar fire into Israeli territory.

"We see the Syrian regime as responsible for goings on in its territory, and we won't tolerate any attempt to undermine Israeli sovereignty or the security of its citizens," and IDF Spokesman statement read.

Head of the Golan Council, Eli Malka, addressed the continuing mortar explosions in the Golan: "There is no difference between leakage and intentional fire. The bomb is the same bomb and it endangers human life.

"It falls under the purview of the Defense Minister and the IDF to send a clear message to all those involved on the other side of the border that any explosive or mortar shell that falls in the Golan will be treated like intentional fire at Israel, and that the IDF will respond with force by destroying the sources of the mortar fire and targeting the forces to whom the artillery positions belong," Malka added.