The youth who was arrested in Nahliel
The youth who was arrested in NahlielPhoto: Honenu

The teen who was wounded during this morning's (Monday) police raid on the Nahliel yeshiva has been evacuated to the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital with injuries to his face sustained as a result of the violence of the police officers.

The teen claimed during questioning that as he was being arrested a police detective pushed his face into rocks on the ground while tauntingly exclaiming: "Why are you falling?"

The teen has several bruises and lacerations on his face and is currently in the hospital with cuffs around his hands and legs, accompanied by police. A representative of the Honenu organization - which is providing legal counsel to the boy and his family - reports that the policemen have so far refused to allow the teen to converse with a lawyer though he was arrested at around 7:00 a.m.

"We're talking about a severe case of police brutality against a minor," Honenu representatives said in a statement, "it appears that this is a recurring pattern, as this is not the first or the second complaint directed at this particular police detective. We hope that he will be investigated and be brought to justice for his actions that apparently constitute a serious crime. The police must purge any and all violent officers from its ranks."

This morning, police arrived at the yeshiva in the town of Nahliel in the Binyamin region (just north of Jerusalem) in order to arrest two youths on suspicion of involvement in nationalism-motivated "price tag" crimes against Arabs.

The police said that several youths had begun to run away upon the policemen's arrival, and that two of them had attacked police officers after a short chase. Four 14-year-old youths were arrested in the raid, including the aforementioned boy who has now been hospitalized.