Friends of Yehuda Yitzchak Hayisraeli, who was wounded while serving in Operation Protective Edge in 2014, released a video Monday morning on social media in which they excoriate the Defense Ministry's refusal to authorize approved renovations to Hayisraeli's house on account of bureaucratic red tape.

Hayisraeli is the last injured serviceman waiting to return home, and was recently allowed to do so, on condition that his house be renovated to make it wheelchair accessible. Because his hometown of Ofra lacks a formal zoning plan, it is unable to produce legal building permits.

"It makes sense to volunteer for special units," Hayisraeli's friends said in the video. "It's challenging, it is difficult, but it makes sense. It's challenging to go to war, to leave behind a pregnant wife and child. At the end of the day, its practically unfathomable, but it makes sense."

"It makes sense to fight to rescue a friend who was kidnapped in Gaza, [our friend] Hadar [Goldin]. It's frightening, but it makes sense. It makes sense to be injured in the head by shrapnel in combat. Its terrible, it makes your heart burst, but it makes sense," they added.

This past week, Yehuda's family met with Avigdor Liberman, the MInister of Defense. According to his friends, "They came in with hope, and they left with a feeling of disappointment."

The minister claimed that the burden of responsibility fell entirely on the regional council.

Below is the Hebrew video.

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