In our world of advanced technology, the way people learn has dramatically changed. For this reason, Avi Natan and Rabbi Kenny Cohen developed a unique way to learn Hebrew. It is called Hebrewvision and it incorporates the use of video and interactivity to have information presented in an entertaining and enjoyable fashion.

When someone watches a video and it is accompanied by an unexpected gimmick, an association will be made that makes it easier to remember the information.

Although the six books that make up Hebrewvision are meant for all ages, some of the videos have proven to be hypnotic for children as young as toddlers. The creativity and the unexpected simply makes Hebrewvision fun to watch. In an age when children waste time on video games with no educational value, Hebrewvision teaches Hebrew and is like playing a game.

The various books teach Hebrew letters and numbers as well as a detailed section on all types of foods. One would not expect to see a pineapple explode and then come back together. The vegetables that grow in the ground get clicked and come out to show who they are.

There are sections on colors and clothing and all that one might find in the rooms of a house. A fifth section describes all that we see when we leave our house. There are restaurants and hotels and the children enjoy the short video of seeing the inside of a jail.

The final section teaches simple sentences with both video and animation that a tourist might need. Such expressions as, "I need a doctor," and asking how much things cost are very useful. There is even an animated bargaining conversation with a taxi driver that ends with the words, "Please turn on the meter!"

“It’s a lot of fun, very interesting and a nice, pleasant way in your spare time to learn Hebrew,” Rabbi Cohen told Arutz Sheva.

“We hope that it will bring people to Israel, we hope it will connect people to the land of Israel, and we welcome people of all faiths who are interested in Hebrew. This way you can study it on your own, at your leisure and you’ll feel very good that you’re growing in the Hebrew language,” he added.

Hebrewvision's methods have not been tried as of yet as a method in learning a language. Creativity and entertainment seems the way to get people to learn.

One can purchase Hebrewvision in the Apple iTunes/iBooks store by typing the word “Hebrewvision”. For more information write to