Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount
Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount Miriam Alster/Flash 90

A 16-year old Israeli Jew has filed a complaint Sunday alleging that he was beaten by a police officer after a second officer threatened him.

The teen had been detained for questioning Sunday morning after he ascended the Temple Mount. Police present on the Mount claimed that the teenager turned around and bowed slightly towards the holy site as he was about to exit – an expression of reverence for the holiest location in Judaism.

As all forms of prayer or religious expression are prohibited for Jews on the Temple Mount, the boy was immediately taken into custody and brought to the Old City police station for interrogation.

According to the complaint, filed with the help of attorney Menashe Yado from the Honenu organization, when the teen was brought to the police station, one of the two officers who had escorted him angrily demanded the sit on a bench, threatening him if he did not comply immediately.

“Sit, sit, before I break your bones,” the officer allegedly said.

The second officer then punched the teen in the stomach.

Afterwards, the teen was questioned, then freed on condition he not enter the Old City in the next 15 days.

A second teen was also detained after he prostrated towards the Temple Mount as he exited.

“This is a case of police violence against a hand-cuffed minor who did nothing violent in the police station or outside of it,” Yado wrote on behalf of the teen.

“I’m hopeful that the investigation and your effective work will lead to a reduction in police violence in the Old City police station.”

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