Ambulance (archives)
Ambulance (archives) Israel news photo: Flash 90

An 80-year-old man was killed in Haifa as a result of a fire that broke out in his apartment complex on David Pinsky Street in Haifa.

Firefighting teams that worked to put out the fire extricated the man from one of the apartments in the building, but paramedics who arrived at the scene had to confirm the man's death.

Shloimi Feder, a volunteer for United Rescue, described the scene of the incident: "When I arrived at the scene with other volunteers, we were informed of an elderly man who was unconscious and trapped inside his apartment. Firefighters on the scene worked to put out the fire and extricate the trapped man. To our great sorrow, the man's death, as a result of smoke damage to his breathing channels, was confirmed at the scene."