The satellite explosion
The satellite explosionYouTube Screenshot

The explosion at the Florida launch site that inflicted irreparable damage on the Israeli "Amos 6" satellite prevented the launch of the satellite last Saturday, on Shabbat.

The haredi Kikar Hashabbat website reports that Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau had permitted the launch of the satellite on Shabbat, due to the determination that the satellite launch is a life-saving matter. According to Jewish law, Shabbat may be violated if a life-saving issue is at hand.

During the months leading up to the planned launch date, discussions were conducted between Israel Aerospace Industry and security establishment representatives, and Chief Rabbi Lau. The Chief Rabbi was presented with a large amount of information concerning the security implication of the satellite launch.

Rabbi Lau also sent a senior figure from the IDF Rabbinate to Florida in order to examine the matter closely and instruct the Jews working at the site on how to avoid Shabbat violations in issue which aren't within the realm of life-saving matters.