Aryeh Bar-NAtan
Aryeh Bar-NAtanMitzpeh Yericho

A bereaved father who ended his life last Friday while visiting his only son’s grave left a note behind, requesting that a grove he planted in memory of his late son and brother be protected.

Aryeh Bar-Natan, 86, had suffered from cancer for years, and had never fully recovered from the loss of his only child, Haim.

Haim was killed during in the line of duty in Lebanon in 1992. His commanders said after his death, “He was a soldier with amazing motivation, who left his mark on our company, despite the short time he served with it.”

Bar-Natan was one of the founders of Mitzpeh Yericho, a community in the Judean desert, east of Jerusalem.

Before he ended his life, Bar-Natan wrote a letter to his ex-wife, Ester, imploring her to publicize his final words.

“I, Aryeh Bar-Natan, feel that my days are numbered, and I wish to preserve the work that I have done on behalf of my brother, who was killed in 1948, and my only son, who was killed in Lebanon.”

“Specifically, the grove that I planted in their memory [and maintained] for many years…[and the] housing units, which I invested so much in to and fear that the town is interested in inheriting with no justification.”

“Any activity which would threaten the grove, the wrongdoer will be cursed forever.”