Itamar Ben-Gvir
Itamar Ben-GvirFlash 90

A Hevron Arab’s attempt on Saturday to provoke local Jews ended in failure.

After Shabbat morning prayers, several Jews, among them human-rights attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, started walking from the Cave of the Patriarchs to the Jewish neighborhood of Givat Avot in Hevron.

At a certain point a local Arab resident stood in front of them and started to to hurl imprecations at Ben-Gvir. Ben-Gvir noticed that a left-wing activist was standing nearby filming, waiting for his reaction.

At this point, Ben-Gvir requested from a border policeman guarding there to take the personal details of the Arab so that he could file a complaint against him.

After Shabbat, Ben-Gvir filed a complaint with police. In the complaint, he noted that the Arab and left-wing activist had behaved inappropriately in a public place by attempting to start a provocation, and had acted so as to disturb the peace.

“We’re talking about permanent policy among extreme left-wing activists, who create a provocation and film the outcome in order to record the reaction, and then edit the footage to present the events in a distorted fashion. They do this also against IDF soldiers, coming up to the soldiers and cursing them, and the soldiers are left powerless to respond, as they are also unaware that the law allows them to detain the provocateurs for insulting a public official while he is fulfilling his duty,” Ben-Gvir said.