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Eight months after the attack on a pub on Dizengoff St. in Tel Aviv in which three Jews were murdered, right-wing activists from the Lehava organization will demonstrate in front of the house of the dead terrorist and call on the residents of his village to demonstrate their allegiance to the state of Israel.

Benzi Gopshtain, head of Lehava, spoke with Arutz Sheva in interview on Wednesday. When asked why he believes it took the high court so long to permit the demonstration, Gophstain responded: "When it deals with petitions from left-wing organizations, the High Court gives immediate permits, yet here we have had to wait so many months for a permit."

According to the arrangement reached with the police, the activists will be able to conduct a protest at a distance of 130 meters from the house of the terrorist's family in Ar'ara. For Benzi Gopshtain that is sufficient.

"We will arrive there with Israeli flags and will call on the villagers to express their allegiance to the state of Israel. After the attack there were people who helped the terrorist and we did not see a condemnation of the attack.

"To my great dismay" adds Gopshtain, "there is very little allegiance to the state of Israel in these villages, to put it mildly. We will be there and we will prove that there is no way that Jews will not be able to enter Arab villages in Israel. We are citizens of a Jewish state. If they are willing to accept the laws of the country, we too are willing to accept them."