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דרום תל אביב Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a statement Wednesday supporting the continued activity of the Shevach Mofet school in south Tel Aviv in its present function and objecting to its closure and revamping as a school for migrant children.

The subject of the school's closure had arisen during a cabinet meeting yesterday, with Minister Avigdor Liberman demanding that the Education Minister intervene on the issue, especially as the school is a high school with very high matriculation rates and a proclivity for excellence.

The statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office said that "The Prime Minister supports leaving the school as it is - an excellent school established by former immigrants from the Soviet Union hoping to improve the state of the Israeli educational system in the realm of sciences, mathematics and the arts"

Officials close to the Prime Minister added that the school is also held in high regard due to its cooperation with army units such as the navy and intelligence units. Moreover it is part of Israel's heritage, after seven of its students were murdered in a terror attack in 2001.

"For all these reasons the Prime Minister objects to the school's closure and expects all of the different authorities to support the maintenance of the school in it's present function for the benefit of the educational system and the citizens of Israel." said a member of the Prime Minister's Office.

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