Tamir Pardo
Tamir Pardo Kobi Gideon/GPO

Former Director of the Mossad Tamir Pardo participated today (Tuesday) in an annual race commemorating fallen Druze fighters, and asserted that Israel does not face any external threat.

"Israel is not threatened externally; the existential threat Israel faces comes from the division within it," Pardo said according to Channel 10, and went on to criticize the government: "The problem with us is that our leadership is constantly in elections mode."

According to Pardo, the wider public is also at fault for the internal divide. "Responsibility for the rift rests not only on the leadership, but on the citizens, as well. Elections are disgusting, and things are said during elections that are meant to help the candidates," he explained.

Pardo also addressed policy relating to the Arab Palestinians, asserting that it is important to renew the diplomatic process with them. "Without at solution to the Palestinian issue, we will not be able to achieve true partnership with Arab countries," he said.

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