Terrorist funeral procession
Terrorist funeral procession Flash 90

The Palestinians report that they have received the body of the terrorist responsible for a stabbing attack a year ago in Tel Aviv that injured 5 passersby. The terrorist was eliminated by an IDF officer who happened upon the scene and chased after the terrorist.

The terrorist began his stabbing spree after trying to grab a female soldier's weapon, but she fought him off and prevented him from grabbing it. In the course of their struggle, he stabbed her with a screwdriver and then ran away, stabbing four more people as he ran.

According to the Palestinian report, the 19-year-old terrorist behind the attack near Azrieli towers was Ta'ar Abu Gazala, a resident of East Jerusalem. His body was transferred to the family after they posted a guarantee sum of 25,000 NIS and agreed to a hurried burial with no more than 25 family members attending.

It should be pointed out that in the past, terrorist's bodies were returned under similar arrangements. However in some cases it was agreed that a mourning tent should not be set up as this usually serves as a hotbed for incitement and agitation, but in this case this detail was not enforced.

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