Children studying in hareidi city of Beitar Illit
Children studying in hareidi city of Beitar IllitFlash 90

The results are in: The Ministry of Education has published the final feedback of the 2015-16 educational year, as Israel keys up for the next round of studies.

Among the details of the report, the ministry reported the students who passed the "bagrut" high school matriculation exams, which are necessary in order to move on to higher education. The report, broken down by city, is available in Hebrew here.

According to the report, the surprising leader of the pack was the peripheral Druze town of Beit Jann, on the low end of the socio-economic scale, in the far north, with a 99 percent matriculation rate. Runner-ups included central Givat Shmuel at 93 percent, and Givatayim at 90 percent, both upscale areas.

Jerusalem closed with a dismal 47 percent student matriculation rate, while Qalansuwa, an Israeli Arab town near Netanya, trailed at 40 percent.

Bnei Brak students had an 11 percent matriculation rate. Bnei Brak is mostly populated by haredim, who are culturally conflicted over the value of secular education. Most haredi students continue to study Jewish law, philosophy, and Talmud far past their high school graduations, though they are not encouraged to gather official academic accolades.

The report also includes statistics on drop-out rates in each city, levels of violence, percentage of students drafting into the IDF, and percentages of students who achieved 5-point (advanced) bagrut matriculation certificates in mathematics and English.