Fraud suspected in National Service organizations
Fraud suspected in National Service organizations צילום: פלאש 90

Police raided the offices of five organizations tied to the National Service system on Monday, as part of a larger investigation into possible fraud. Authorities also conducted searches in the offices of several accounting firms with ties to the organizations in question.

The organizations targeted by the raid are responsible for placing young women serving in civilian National Service programs as an alternative to military service, an option popular in the national religious sector.

Along with placing participants in programs, the organizations collect fees from the recipients of their work, including hospitals and schools.

Authorities suspect the placement organizations overcharged the locations where National Service volunteers were employed, siphoning off millions of shekels through fraud.

Police say the placement organizations used a number of methods to extract the extra fees, including double-counting volunteers.

A police spokesperson emphasized that the locations where National Service participants volunteered are not under suspicion, and that they were merely victims of the alleged fraud.