Eitan Peleg
Eitan PelegCourtesy of Eitan Peleg

A 15-year old has filed the first lawsuit against the company responsible for a batch of contaminated cornflakes which led to mass recalls of Israel’s most popular breakfast cereal.

Unilever, which produces several lines of cornflakes sold under the Telma brand name, revealed last month that the cornflakes produced in one of the company’s production lines in Arad had been tainted, but assured consumers that none of the contaminated cereal had been shipped to retailers.

Days later, however, the company was forced to issue a retraction, admitting that hundreds of contaminated boxes of cereal had indeed reached grocery stores around the country. Unilever warned consumers not to consume cornflakes whose production date could not be verified, suggesting they be disposed of.

Now Unilever faces the first lawsuit stemming from the recall.

The plaintiff is a 15-year old who was hospitalized for three days for a salmonella infection.

A claim of 76 million shekels ($20 million) in damages was filed by attorney Eitan Peleg on behalf of his teenage client.

In recorded conversations the plaintiff’s father asked Unilever to acknowledge their responsibility for his son’s illness, but was met with denials by company representatives, who insisted that no contaminated cornflakes had ever left the production facility in Arad.