Rock attack
Rock attackFlash 90

Last night, as Arab attackers threw Molotov cocktails at Jews in eastern Jerusalem - the clothing of one of the attackers caught fire, forcing him to flee.

Rachel Fireman, who witnesses the incident from her balcony, related what had happened to Arutz Sheva:

"We heard rocks and Molotov cocktails. We ran to the security guard and asked him to check what was happening."

She related that the stairs near her house erupted in fire from the explosives being thrown.

"Several Arab youth came from the alley near the steps to our house. They had poison in their eyes, and they threw Molotov cocktails and rocks. The Molotov cocktails all exploded - and one exploded on one of them. His clothing caught fire and he ran away," Fireman said, and added that "police quickly arrived at the scene, even though it's still not known if they have succeeded in identifying the attackers shown on the security camera."

Fireman noted that, in most cases, security forces succeed in capturing attackers and bringing them to justice. Rock-throwing and explosive-throwing is not rare, she says, and the frequency of their occurrence depends on the general atmosphere in the Arab street; when there is a Muslim holiday, incidents tend to rise in number, as they do when the subject of the Temple Mount is on the table.

Fireman says that one gets used to living under constant threat from Arab terror in East Jerusalem. Among other things, she explains, one knows not to leave the house at certain hours, and children in some families are always accompanied by an adult. "It's something that you live with and get you to," she noted casually.