Police patrol car in Tel Aviv (file)
Police patrol car in Tel Aviv (file) Moti Karelitz/Flash 90

Last night, police were called to the Mevaseret Tzion industrial zone, northwest of Jerusalem, for a noise complaint. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered dozens of teenagers throwing a "draft party," many of whom were drunk.

Israelis have a social custom of throwing a party right before they are drafted into the IDF, as a send-off and celebration with their friends.

When the police arrived, several youths stood at the entrance of the party, several of whom were drunk, and gathered around them, cursing and threatening the police officers. Some of them pushed and attacked the police, in an attempt to prevent them from entering the premises.

The police arrested seven youths at the scene, including one girl, a 17 year-old minor, and the host of the party, who was supposed to turn up at the draft office the next morning.

When they finish their investigation, police will bring the detainees to court to extend their arrests.