Money (Illustration)
Money (Illustration)Flash 90

Prosecutors have indicted Saif Al-Din Abed Al-Nabi, 39, a resident of Jerusalem, on charges of contacting a foreign agent, and smuggling Hamas compensation money to the families of terrorists.

Al-Nabi is accused of smuggling Hamas money given to him by Zachria Najib, who was released during the Shalit deal, and is currently residing in Turkey.

According to the indictment, Najib approached Al-Nabi eight months ago, and asked him to be a courier for Hamas funds from Turkey to terror families. The two had had previous friendly contact.

Al-Nabi, who owns a women's clothing chain with branches in Jerusalem in Istanbul, supposedly transferred some $25,000 worth of cash, hidden on his person, in cell phones, or in clothing bags, to families of terrorists inside Israel. The money was handed over in public locations.