The new police dogs
The new police dogsSpeaker for Israeli Police

After a systematic search, the Israel Police has imported 20 new police dogs from the Czech Republic, which will be integrated into police operational and investigative units.

Police use dogs as an essential tool, in tandem with their officers, for identifying contraband and neutralizing perpetrators. Israeli police dogs are trained to identify explosives, weapons, drugs, and money, all by smell.

A group of 3 senior dog trainers, along with a veterinarian from the animal training department of the operations wing of the Police, conducted an extensive search in the Czech Republic before they settled on the right 20 dogs, checking dozens over the course of several days.

The one-year-old dogs were brought this morning (Wednesday) to the animal training department, where they will undergo a six-month training program which will certify them, along with the other 220 dogs currently in the Police Force, for operational activity.