IllustrationRoni Schutzer/Flash90

A grisly discovery was recently made in a school in the town of Ramle in central Israel.

Fetuses found in a canister in the school’s science lab were sent to the pathology department of the Forensic Medicine Institute for assessment.

Disturbing pictures taken of the remains made the identity of the fetuses all but certain, and this week the pathology department confirmed that the fetuses were indeed human.

The fetuses were found in an old science lab in a building no longer used by the school.

The question remains, however, as to how the fetuses were brought to the lab in the first place.

Rabbi Yaakov Roje, the chairman of Zaka’s rabbinic committee a forensics expert, was surprised by the revelation, saying the remains must have been brought to the school in the early years of the state.

“Today there’s no way that fetuses would be transferred without supervision,” he told BeHadrei Haredim. “A long time ago, like 30-40 years ago, less interest was taken in what happened with fetuses that were not alive.”

Today, however, such a thing would never occur, added Rabbi Roje.

“Every deceased is transferred for burial by the hospital in an orderly procedure with clear instructions for the Forensic Medicine Institute, or by the Hevre Kadisha [religious burial service].”

“It looks like a very serious case. But it could be that the school got the fetuses many, many years ago from one of the hospitals, and when the school was moved to its new location, they were forgotten.”