Signing of agreement to resettle last of Gaza expellees
Signing of agreement to resettle last of Gaza expelleesEliana Dror

After 11 years, the last of the Gaza expellees removed from their homes during the 2005 Disengagement are finally set to be permanently resettled.

An agreement signed between the Agriculture and Housing ministries Tuesday evening paves the way for the settlement of the last 20 families from Gaza in the town of Neve Yam on Israel’s northern coast.

The former Gaza Strip residents included in the agreement had resided in the communities of Alei Sinai and Nisanit prior to the Disengagement. For some, the 2005 Disengagement was the second time they had been expelled from their homes – Alei Sinai being founded by Jews expelled from the town of Yamit during the 1982 Sinai withdrawal.

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home), who was charged by the government with settling the remaining Gaza expellees, had pushed hard to improve the conditions of their resettlement.

“Today, 11 years later, everyone knows the Disengagement was a pointless mistake which had been pursued out of narrow political considerations,” said Ariel.

“After an extended period of negotiations we’ve finally managed to complete the relocation of the community from Alei Sinai,” added Ariel, saying that the agreement “corrects, even if only in small way, the injustice that was done with these wonderful people more than decade ago.”