Kenneth Abramowitz is one of America’s leading venture capital executives, co-founding the healthcare-oriented NGN Capital, where he currently serves as General Partner. Abramowitz is also one of the top donors supporting the Jewish state, and is the founder of the “Save the West” organization.

Mr. Abramowitz spoke with Arutz Sheva, explaining why a strong State of Israel is so important not just to Israeli Jews, but to the Western world.

“I come to Israel every two months and every time I learn something new,” said Abramowitz. “But the one fact that never changes is that Israel is the eastern border of Western Civilization. And Israel isn't just protecting the Jews; actually it’s protecting the Muslims and Christians in Israel, but it’s also protecting everyone in Europe and everyone in America.”

“It’s very important for Israel to stand strong and basically protect the Western world from the barbarians, so to speak, who are trying to take over Israel and then take over the rest of the world.”

As radical Islamic terrorism spreads across Europe and to the United States, Abramowitz noted the importance of learning how to confront terror from the example set by Israel.

“It's great to be in Israel and learn. I learn every time I'm in Israel about the future, because what happens in Israel will happen in Europe and in America in 2 years, 6 years, 10 years later. So Israel is the future, and it’s important to understand the future, and you can understand the future simply by getting on an airplane and coming to Israel.”

While some pro-Israel organizations in the United States, like AIPAC, have endorsed the establishment of a Palestinian state, Abramowitz suggested backers of the two-state solution were misreading the conflict.

“The basic problem that everyone is missing in the two-state solution: if you think of Israel as a little dot on the map and you think of the Palestinian Authority as a little dot, people think the conflict is between the two little dots. It's not. It’s the conflict between Islam - in particular political Islam - and Western Civilization, in other words Jews, Christians, and Hindus. Israel is just stuck in the middle. But the big battle is that political Islam does not accept the right of Jews to live here, but it also does not accept the right of Christians to be here or in Europe or in America, or Hindus to be in India. So it’s part of a much bigger conflict, and we're basically in World War III right now.”

“The four worldwide political-Islam terror organizations have declared war on the West. The four terror organizations are Iran, Al-Qaeda/ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Saudi Wahabis.”

“The West does not know or understand that the four terror organizations have declared war. So we have a strange situation where the four terror organizations are fighting a war, and Western Civilization does not recognize that it is in a state of war, and that has got to change. It will either change because the Western world gets smarter, or because it gets blown up. Either way, there's a big battle coming up.”