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A 34-year-old woman who sustained injuries during the burning and stabbing attack on a Swiss train yesterday (Saturday) has died of her wounds in the hospital.

A 27-year-old Swiss man with no immigration history poured flammable liquid in a train, setting fire to one of the coaches, and then began stabbing passengers.

Among those who were hurt was a six-year-old child. Also hurt were a girl and a boy, both aged 17, a woman aged 43, and a man aged 50.

The attack took place in north-eastern Switzerland, along the border with Liechtenstein.

The attacker was also seriously wounded, with police saying he was "on fire" when security forces arrived at the scene, and today also died of his wounds.

The background and motive for the attack are yet unknown, other than the fact that the attacker is not a migrant. His religious and social background is being investigated.

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