Police were searching a Raleigh, North Carolina mall for a gunman Saturday after witnesses reported gunfire in the building. Authorities told Fox News they had not received word of any gunshot injuries, but said that several people were trampled as the shoppers ran out of the mall.

WRAL reported that police were called to the Crabtree Valley Mall at around 2:45 p.m. local time. Authorities sealed off the mall and closed all access roads. Police told WRAL no suspects were in custody.

Witness Mark Rush told WTVD that he was walking out of a store when he heard "about five or six" shots. He said the gunman was "10 or 15 feet" away and was carrying a handgun.

ABC11 interviewed a woman who was in the food court when the incident happened. She said they heard "something pop" and then "pandemonium broke out." She said people were running over tables and chairs to get out of the mall.

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