Justice David Rosen
Justice David RosenFlash 90

On Friday morning, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) picked Judge David Rosen for the position of Audit Commissioner of the state courts.

The decision came at the agreement of Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, and Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. Shaked also consulted Supreme Court Chief Justice Miriam Naor on the matter. The consultations came as per a new law passed in the Knesset last week.

Rosen, 66, has been serving as a judge in the Tel Aviv District Courts since 2004. Before then, he served as a Magistrate's Court justice for a decade. Before becoming a judge, Rosen served as the IDF Central District Attorney, as the chief military defense counsel, and as head of the ombudsman legal department for soldiers.

Rosen has a degree in law from Tel Aviv University, and a degree in economics and statistics from The Hebrew University.

Justice Minister Shaked: "I am proud of the appointment of Judge David Rosen to the position. State prosecutors work hard for the state in order to bring justice to light. With that, there is no body which doesn't need constructive criticism to further improve their work."

According to Shaked, Rosen's views will win him the trust of the populace, the prosecutors, and the police. "I am grateful to the former commissioner Hila Gerstel, who acted out of professionalism and dedication, and I wish Judge Rosen success in his work. "

The head of The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, Nachi Eyal, welcomed the appointment of Judge David Rosen. "The position of the Audit Commissioner needs...knowledge of how to act responsibly and without fear, as Judge Rosen has already proven himself in his judicial work these past years."

Just as they worked to establish the audit body, we will continue to work to fix the commission's law in order to grant Judge Rosen the powers necessary to act without fear in fulfilling his task. We hope that the prosecutors...will assist the new commissioner in his work," he added.