In an official Facebook post, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addresses the Gazan government:

"I'm going to say something now that some of you will not believe. But I'm going to say it anyway because it's true.

"I, the Prime Minister of Israel, care more about Palestinians than their own leaders do. Israel cares more about Palestinians than their own leaders do.

"That sounds incredible, right?

"But consider the following:

"A few days ago, the world learned that Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza, stole millions of dollars from humanitarian organizations like World Vision and the United Nations.

"Innocent and impoverished Palestinians were denied vital aid supplied from nations around the world.

"Hamas used this stolen money to build a war machine to murder Jews.

"I want you to think about that. Let that sink in.

"Hamas stole critical support for Palestinian children so that they could kill our children.

"So I ask you—who cares more about Palestinians?

"Israel, that facilitates the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza, every single day?

"Or Hamas, that robs Palestinian children of that very same aid?

"Israel, that treats wounded Palestinians from Gaza in its hospitals?

"Or Hamas that prevents injured Palestinians from getting help?

"Imagine, just imagine, where we might all be if Palestinian leaders cared as much about helping their own people as they did about hurting our people. The Palestinian people deserve better.

"And today, I express my deepest sympathy with innocent Palestinians and those well-meaning nations who generously donated money to help them.

"The cynicism and cruelty of Hamas is hurting all of us. It's hurting peace."